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Program Model

Who is UNT ELEVAR designed to serve?
  • Is an individual of at least 18 years of age, transfer students are eligible to enter through the age of 28
  • Has a documented disability diagnosis of intellectual disability
  • Has completed high school with or without a high school diploma, received services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), been served by IDEA, or completed an alternate assessment portfolio. Students should no longer receive support from their high school at the start of the UNT ELEVAR program
  • Has basic functional skills in reading, writing, and mathematics with or without assistive technology
  • Has completed high school with or without a high school diploma  and no longer receives support from their high school at the start of the UNT ELEVAR program
  • Has a personal interest to attend college and is seeking greater independence and employment by enhancing social, communication, vocational, health and wellness, and life skills in an inclusive post-secondary education program as demonstrated through a personal statement and interview
    Is willing and able to live communally and independently with other UNT or UNT ELEVAR students in campus housing during the program as demonstrated through the Transition Pathway program or other evidence (e.g., overnight camps, etc.)
  • Can function independently (e.g., navigate campus on their own or with appropriate support) and participate in semester-long workshops and seminars that last between 90 minutes and 2 hours
  • Displays skills to manage stress and adapt to change or the ability to learn such coping skills with minimal disruption to others. Exhibits responsible and socially adaptive behavior with minimal supervision and appropriate support
  • Has sufficient emotional and independent ability to participate in all aspects of the UNT ELEVAR program and the University of North Texas
  • Demonstrates the ability to accept personal responsibility for actions and maintains respect for self and others and understands and follows all UNT safety and health requirements
  • Has limited or no history of disruptive or aggressive behavior.
  • Independently self-administers and manages medication, specialized dietary and/or medical needs.
  • Serve as their own full legal guardian. Individuals with ID who have a supported decision-making agreement are also encouraged to apply and decisions will be made on an individual basis
  • Demonstrate the potential to successfully achieve personal and program goals within the context of the UNT ELEVAR program and setting.
What are the components of the program?

The components of the UNT ELEVAR Program include:

  • Culturally Responsive Person-Centered Planning
  • Traditional UNT courses (zero-credit/non-degree seeking)
  • UNT ELEVAR courses (e.g., financial literacy, life skills, sex/health education, etc.)
  • Pair or unpaid employment opportunities in integrated and competitive employment settings based on the student's career of choice
  • Inclusive social experiences with other UNT students on campus and in the community
  • On-campus and independent living
What types of courses are UNT ELEVAR students able to complete/attend?
  • Traditional UNT courses (zero-credit/non-degree seeking) based on their person-centered plan
  • UNT ELEVAR courses (e.g., financial literacy, life skills, sex/health education, etc.) to strengthen their individual skills
Will students have the opportunity to gain employment experiences?
  • Yes! UNT ELEVAR students will be placed in an integrated and competitive employment setting (on- or off-campus) based on the student's person-centered plan. These opportunities may be paid or unpaid and the hours will be tailored for each individual student depending on their skills, past experiences, and goals.
  • Students will be supported by UNT ELEVAR job coaches and an employment supervisor that will help facilitate natural supports in their employment setting.
Where do UNT ELEVAR students live?
UNT ELEVAR students are housed in single-occupancy rooms at Legends Hall. Legends hall houses traditional UNT students who are classified as juniors or seniors. The dorm is close to dining halls, the recreation center, and the community garden.
How is this program model different from others?
  • The program is designed to empower young adults with intellectual disabilities who wish to continue post-secondary education to become self-determined, independent, and healthy adults readied for integrated competitive employment.
  • Our program is designed to be fully inclusive, meaning that classes, employment, and other experiences are designed for the students to be included in traditional spaces/settings. 
  • UNT ELEVAR students are able to access any UNT traditional course available in the catalog and participate in any UNT student organization, activity, or experience. *Courses always need prior approval through the ELEVAR program
  • Join the thousands of UNT students in being part of the Mean Green family!
  • As the first Hispanic and Minority serving institution to house an inclusive post-secondary education program in Texas, UNT ELEVAR strives to facilitate natural and culturally responsive individual supports and services for students with intellectual disabilities from diverse and underrepresented communities through an inclusive college experience across academics, employment, community engagement, health and well-being
What type of support do UNT ELEVAR students receive during the day?
  • UNT ELEVAR students are encouraged to gain independence and leadership experiences as part of their education. UNT ELEVAR personnel can provide initial support such as navigation around campus, navigating everyday decision making, selecting and obtaining transportation, support with UNT related questions or tasks (e.g., meal plan, replacement of student ID, counseling services, etc.)
  • In addition, UNT ELEVAR personnel guide the students through advising and coursework.
  • The program will provide accommodations and modifications depending on individual needs.
  • Peer allies (i.e., traditional students) can also assist introducing ELEVAR students to other peers and friends, and assist in helping them become involved in student clubs or university events, etc.
What do students need to prepare to join the UNT ELEVAR program?
Students wishing to join the UNT ELEVAR program in the future could prepare by enhancing their independent living skills, completing internships or job experiences, and much more. A list of skills and resources can be found in our Resource page. 
I am a UNT Student, how can I get involved with the program?
UNT students can get involved with the UNT ELEVAR program through our Peer Ally program. The Peer Ally program is designed to develop and nurture genuine relationships between UNT ELEVAR students and same-aged peers without disabilities. You can be paired with students based on career goals or life interests. These opportunities can be voluntary or as part of service-learning components. For more information or to get involved, please check out our website and the UNT ELEVAR Peer Ally Association student organization on campus or Sign Up Here.
What do students receive when they graduate?
The UNT ELEVAR program is a U.S. Department of Education Comprehensive Transition Accredited program. Through the Comprehensive Transition Program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion supported by the U.S. Department of Education. Students also receive a transcript of their zero-credit traditional courses from UNT at the completion of the program. Students are also eligible to complete industry micro-credentials (badges).
How much does the program cost?

The UNT ELEVAR program has an approximate maximum cost of $33,000 per year. This includes tuition, university fees, program fees, room and board, and a 7-day meal plan. 

Breakdown of Yearly Cost

UNT Traditional Course Tuition ($688.11 per credit hour) x 12 credit hours per year (4 traditional courses) = $8,258

Room and Board (Legends Hall rent and meal plan) x 9 months = approximately $10,856

UNT University fees (e.g., transportation, recreation center, university union, health/wellness center, etc.) = $1,839

ELEVAR Program Fees ($6,000 per semester) = $12,000

*Note: All costs change from year to year depending on university guidelines. 

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Are UNT ELEVAR students eligible for Financial Aid? Scholarships?
  • The UNT ELEVAR program holds the U.S. Department of Education Comprehensive Transition Accreditation. That means that UNT ELEVAR students are now eligible for Pell Grants and Work Study through Financial Aid.
  • UNT ELEVAR program scholarships are also available. Applications for scholarships will open in the summer prior to the Fall semester.
  • At this time, the Texas Workforce is assisting with fees associated with the programs. Please contact your vocational counselor for more information.
Can I schedule a tour or meeting to learn more about the UNT Denton campus and the program?

We invite you to attend one of our Open Houses (see ELEVAR Events section). Since the UNT ELEVAR program is part of UNT and our students will be completely integrated into the UNT campus as all other students, we encourage potential students and families to complete one of our UNT tours, whether in person or virtual. 

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Are there any other programs similar to UNT ELEVAR in Texas or in the U.S.?

Yes! We are excited that there are other programs available in Texas and around the U.S. ELEVAR is part of more than 300 programs across the nation. We encourage you to visit the  Think College Search to learn more.

Is this program available at other UNT campuses?

At this time, the UNT ELEVAR program is only available at the Denton campus.

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