Peer Ally Program

The Peer Ally program was designed to develop and nurture genuine relationships between students with ID and their same-aged peers without disabilities following the research in this area (e.g., Brock & Huber, 2017; Carter et al., 2015; Test et al., 2009). UNT students will be paired with ELEVAR students based on similar career goals or life interests. The peer ally roles will be diverse in nature, whether building a natural friendship, supporting them as classmates, or as co-workers, and will be voluntary or part of a service-learning component.

Peer Ally?

Peer allies are same-age peers for social or academic support within the UNT campus program. Peer allies are UNT students (same-aged peers) in undergraduate programs that engage and collaborate with UNT ELEVAR students in various ways. Together, UNT ELEVAR students and peer allies create inclusive experiences with positive opportunities learning and personal growth for each other. These allies are given the opportunity to engage and exchange experiences by collaborating alongside UNT ELEVAR students by:

  • Accompanying them to class
  • Introduce them to other university peers/friends
  • Participate in university-sponsored events and gatherings
  • Assisting them to integrate into the university community through an inclusive model
  • Provide other types of support and experiences in a social manner
  • Other social or academic experiences

More specifically, peer allies and UNT ELEVAR students will navigate the college experiences, both socially and academically, as peers, to develop independence, socialization, and attain career and life goals.

Sign Up To a Peer Ally

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Volunteer & Service Learning (coming soon)

Description Volunteer, intern, or complete your service learning with the UNT ELEVAR program. More information on the various student roles and supports needed will be posted soon. You can also reach out to us via email at
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Community Advocacy (coming soon)

We will provide various opportunities for the community, outside UNT and UNT ELEVAR, to continue advocating for our students and our program. For example, sharing information about UNT ELEVAR with schools, families, students or advocating to the Texas and Federal legislature to expand supports and funding for inclusive post-secondary education programs. 

More information will be available soon!!