Independent Living Skills

ELEVAR students pose at a tailgate

  • Spend some nights away from home
  • Take care of your health and grooming (e.g., shower daily, use deodorant, take own medication)
  • Clean and organize your room every day
  • Work on cell phone skills
  • Manage your own money (e.g., manage your own bank account, set up a budget, keep track of expenses)
  • Buy things that you need
  • Prepare and cook meals
  • Use a map and the bus system
  • Complete chores and tasks around the house (e.g., do your own laundry, make your bed, wash dishes, empty trashcan)
  • Making friends (or initiating appropriate relationships)
  • Practical Money Skills
  • Tools to Help Manage Daily Life for College Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Academic Skills

  • A student in a green shirt writes Practice the use of technology (e.g., computer, typing, internet, etc.)
  • Practice the use of email (e.g., accessing, reading, writing)
  • Reading and Writing daily
  • Visit the public library and public spaces
  • Organize and manage classroom and homework
  • Complete academic tasks
  • Practice basic math skills (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Use a calculator
  • Math practice, strategies, and supports
  • Zoom Directions for Students - A Guide

Vocational Skills

A student sits outside on a benchResources for educators

Other resources

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